Gas Chromatographs

Gas Chromatographs


GAS CHROMATOGRAPH is simple, rugged, most reliable instrument being used in Industry and Research for routine Q.C. and Research application. Standard outfit is with Dual Injector with option of adding one additional Injector. It can house three Detectors simultaneously. With Dual Channel Data Station, two Detectors can be operated simultaneously. Single Ramp Temperature Programming with Initial Hold Time upto 99 min. and programming rate from 0.1 Deg.C. to 30 Deg.C. With Glass Lined Injector, Quartz Jet FID and Glass Column, it becomes all Glass System which makes it specially suitable for Labile compounds like Alkaloids, Steriloid, VFA, etc. Capillary Inlet for split / splitless Injection, Mass Flow controller for Carrier Gas, Gas Sampling Valve, Head Space Attachments are options available. Options of Detectors FID, TCD, ECD, TID and PID is available.
It is a modular system with option of adding additional Injector, Detector, Capillary Attachment, Head Space Attachment etc. as and when required. Instrument can be configured either for Single Packed Column or Dual Packed Column or Single Capillary Column or Dual Capillary Column.


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