Particle Size Analyser

Particle Size Analyser



Features at a glance

  • Fast & Accurate particle size analysis with the unique Laser Obscuration Time technique.
  • Accurate description of non-spherical materials with sophisticated Dynamic Image Analysis
  • Monitor kinetic processes
  • Plot multi-dimensional data by jotting size against shape
  • Analyze complex data to reveal secondary distributions
  • Identify individual particles in the distribution
  • Generate standard volume and number distribution results
  • Results are independent of physical or optical properties
  • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant
  • Range: 0.1 μm to 3600 μm
  • High Resolution 5 MP USB 3.0 CMOS Camera
  • 2 mW HeNe, 632.8 nm laser
  • Compact bench top unit, USB connection
  • Automated report generation
  • Customized real-time graphs and tables
  • Easy data comparison with overlay graphs and comparison tables



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